Thursday, 29 October 2015

The beginning

So, I'm completely new at all this. But I figured why not try it. So many of us Mummies seem to be at it, and with my new found status as a Stay at Home Mum, it seems like something I enjoy doing. Writing a load of waffle that people 'might' enjoy reading.
But - where to start? a load of waffle about me? Who I am? Why I've given up work? Arrrrgh suddenly it all seems so complicated!
Maybe begin at the beginning. Born in 1975, I've recently turned 40. I might indulge you in that one later.
Daughter of Anne and David, who were 'older' parents, i.e the wrong side of 35. Actually, my Mum was 39. This never made any difference to me, I never even noticed. It wasn't until my parents passed away in 2009 and 2010 that I realised they were old. I grew up in glorious Feltham, home of Freddie Mercury, Mo Farrah and Feltham Young Offenders Establishment. Ah, the good old innocent 80's. What a fab time to grow up. I left school with a good selection of GCSE's and went on to A levels at college. Made some less than sensible decisions and didn't really get any great grades. Went on to work in retail and left home at 19.
Am I boring you yet?
Boyfriends, houses, jobs all came and went. I married at 26. Not too much to say about that one. Didn't really end well. Once that was over, I followed my Mum and Sister to the Midlands and began the next chapter - Stoke-on-Trent.