Thursday, 28 January 2016

Archie turns one!

It seems quite appropriate that my first blog of the year (nearly 3 weeks in, ooops) should be about my littlest persons first year. We recently celebrated his first Birthday, which was a nice sedate and intimate affair, compared to his Brothers crazy parties!

Archie was born at 8.42 pm on January 15th 2015 - his due date - after a 17 hour labour. His birth was relatively uncomplicated (well, by my standards - see Harrison, Part 1). I needed forceps right at the end due to a previous c section and him not wanting to budge but all in all it was a good experience and despite the horrendous pain, that you do forget quite quickly, I'd do it again!
Harrison's first meeting with his 'baba' was everything it wasn't supposed to be - I was in the middle of breastfeeding him- but he took it all in his stride and was very excited, bless him.
Annoyingly, we both had to stay in for 5 days due to a suspected infection, and despite the constant tea, toast and biscuits, I was super ready to leave! A huge thanks to the team at the Rosie Hospital, Cambridge - there's been some bad press but I thought you were fab.
Archies first few weeks were relatively quiet, he slept well, fed well and while I had help, it was all good. When everyone went I struggled a bit but carried on. Then, Archie got clingy, would t be put down, cried told several times it was "just colic" but I knew, as mums do, it was more than that.
Turns out my boy has CMPA (cows milk protein allergy). Thankfully a special formula sorted him right out. He can't have soy or sweet potato either, which has made weaning fun! He does love his food though, bless him so we are learning as we go, learning from our mistakes and generally having a giggle.

Archie has hit all his milestones pretty much bang on, which is a bit of a novelty after having a premmie! It's been wonderful watching him learn, try and succeed - he's so keen to be like the big brother he so clearly idolises.
He's currently learning to walk and we recently bought his first pair of shoes.
My only wish now is that he learns to sleep. He's a little lacking on that part and Mummy is exhausted.

So this year, Archie has been to several National Trust properties,Been on the beach at Hunstanton, watched enviously as his brother went on all the rides at Thomas Land at Drayton Manor and been in many, many shops. Sorry about that kid. We've had lots of fun, lots of tears and very little sleep. But we love you little fella x

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  1. Aww happy belated birthday to your little one! It's a fabulous age, the personality REALLY starts coming out now! #happydiaries

  2. Sounds like a hectic start! Congrats on the one year birthday little man x #happydiaries