Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Am I really a good Mum?

So, Harrison, my big boy, is going to school next September. If you've read my previous post you'll know that Harrison was prem. He's also a summer baby. Those two things pretty much mean he's destined to be behind. However, at 3, I think he's pretty much caught up. He started pre-school at Easter and he really came out of his shell.
I had a meeting with his pre-school Key Worker this week and although her observations were as I expected - a little behind in some areas, that she would give him support on - afterwards I started to think -
Am I really a good Mum?
Am I doing enough to support the little things he can't quite do yet? Making the effort to play targeted games or activities? The truth is, I think not! Mainly because half the time I'm dealing with baby. And when baby is asleep, I'm usually too busy with housework.
This makes me sad, and I really want to address it. My only problem being - and I guess its more of an excuse - time. I obviously get none in the day. In the evening I usually sit down about 8 and in bed by 9. This is because of my naughty little sleep thief of a baby! And sometimes I'm just too tired to stay up and 'get stuff done', even if I know I should.
Think this week has given me a kick up the arse to sort myself out and webe the type of mummy I want to be. Watch this space!

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