Sunday, 27 December 2015

New Year, new me?

I normally hate New Years resolutions. Think it's kind of silly, as you can make changes to your life any time.
But this year, I really want to make some changes in my life and feel this is a good time to give it a go! Here's what I want to achieve, without any pressure on myself -

1. Lose weight. Simple enough. It's giving up all the biscuits that's the problem!
2. Start focusing on decorating our home. Chose colours, themes, make plans.
3. Spend my money more wisely. I'm pretty good with money, but now I'm a stay at home mum, I need to be even better.
4. Focus more on my children's days. We have no real routine or structure and some planning would probably go a long way!
5. Try and build up my little business as an independent Scentsy consultant. It's my only chance at a small income, so need to make the most of it.

So that's it really, nothing major, nothing stressful or unachievable. I feel I lost too much of 2015 to struggling with my pnd and anxiety - and adjusting to being a mummy of two, which I have found terribly hard. I also turned 40, which I disliked intensely! So now, I want to make 2016 my year.

Happy New Year folks! May it be all you hoped for xx

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  1. 40 is the new 30, did you not know ;-)
    I think its good to start the new year with some definate plans. The key to success is to focus on the how as well as the what for your plans xx
    Thanks for linking up, Tracey xx