Wednesday, 9 December 2015

My top ten baby buys!

The first time round, we bought everything. We were so excited by it all (and had recently come into some money ) that we bought everything that sounded cool.
Second time, we had a better idea of what we were doing. Not completely savvy, but certainly a bit wiser. And on a budget.
So, without further ado, here are the things we couldn't live without -
1. Muslins. Bloody amazing things. Spit cloths, impromptu bibs, clean up anything and everything, sunshade and even a makeshift nappy if you know how. Best ones we had we from Sainsburys and Aldi. Big, and wash well.
2. Ewan the Dream Sheep. We had this for both boys. The biggest still has two - yes two - at bedtime. White noise or soothing music, best thing we bought for bedtime.
3. Vibrating bouncer. Doesn't matter what brand, second hand or new, if it vibrates and baby has wind/colic, it's awesome. When we discovered this and got our first proper smile instead of crying, we knew we had a winner.
4. Tummy tub. We bought ours second hand. Turns out our second hated baths. Screamed and screamed. Popped him in one of these -  big smiles. And months on, he loves the big bath.
5. IKEA bibs. The red and blue coveralls. Wash well and last for ages. Enough said.
6. Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep machine. I'm pretty sure I cant promote formula feeding but still... I never got to bf my first, my milk dried up through stress while he was still in Nicu. I tried bf my second but I just didn't get on with it. I'm not ashamed of that. And this marvellous machine really takes the hassle out of formula feeding. *Note, never pay full price, it's frequently on offer !
7. Glow in the dark dummies. Because nights are hard enough.
8. Cloth nappies and wipes. Really, don't rule this out. Find a nappy library and give it a go. Fluffy post is the best! And really not a faff like you'd think. Sadly, I just couldn't get a good fit on my boy (it's not for everyone) and due to his size, clothes were a bit of an issue - so we stopped. But still use Cheeky Wipes!
9. Sling or carrier. Again, something I didn't use long but really useful. And again most places have a sling library to give you advice, or you can rent from "Its a sling thing" who provide brilliant service. For when they are tiny, a Moby wrap is ace (and once again I bought second hand, saving a fortune) and when a bit bigger, a Mei Tai or a Connecta were great for lil me.
10. Gro Bags. Or any variation of. Both boys were total fidgets and blankets never stayed on. Sleeping bags are great for peace of mind if you're a worrier, like me!

So, there you have it. The things I really couldn't have done without. 

I should point out, I haven't been asked to promote any of these items. They are totally of my recommendation 😃

No. 4 - a tummy tub. They rock!

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  1. Yes, Muslins were a must have for us as well! So so useful!! Thanks for sharing with #abitofeverything